photo by Leslie Houx

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Babiekins Issue 5- Published! {Children's Fashion Photographer}

It's finally here! Babiekins Magazine has gone live with their 5th issue and what a beautiful project to be a part of! The entire magazine is full of gorgeous images and children's fashion editorials. I especially love the "I Spy" feature that flows throughout the issue. Priscilla (creator and editor) is so creative with her own style and unique vision. I am so pleased that I got to work with her for a second time to help create this vintage bohemian shoot. I LOVE boho chic styles for my own wardrobe so this was right up my alley! My favorite part of the shoot had to be the little model we you recognize her? That's right, my daughter Ava got her little 15 minutes of fame and loved every minute of it. I am far from a "stage mom" and was a little apprehensive at first. She loves attention so I wasn't sure if I would be creating a monster by introducing her to the world of modeling. hehe. I was pleasantly surprised when she got on set. It was freezing and windy and the shoot was vintage 60's theme so the clothing was light and flowy. Ava was such a trooper! She snuggled in the car under blankets while Dani Shelton (awesome hairstylist!) styled and perfected her hair, she was friendly to the clothing stylist and editor and worked so wonderfully with our model Jodi. I had a proud mommy moment for sure! This shoot was so dreamy and sweet! I just loved experiencing this not only with my baby girl but with the whole creative team with Babiekins! Watch out for this magazine, I think its going to be the next big one! Thanks to Priscilla, Dani, Jodi, and Heather with 3RingCircus for styling a great editorial! Couldn't have done it without you! Oh and sorry for the super long photo post but you can tell, I really couldn't pick my faves. :)


Jodi said...

I just love you! These pictures are stunningly beautiful! Thank you so much ~ I will definitely treasure these. Little Ava Darling is just heart melting in all of these pictures. Thank you again for being a beautiful friend and an amazing photog. <3

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