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I am simple really...I am in love with an amazing man who is a great dad and husband ( and he puts up with all my flaws which is a bonus!). I have 3 beautiful children who keep me young at heart. I am inspired and encouraged by my Lord Jesus Christ who reminds me there is a purpose to my life. I love my job dearly and put my all into every session I do. I love natural light and the way it dances around my clients to make a simple moment magical. If you'd like to learn more about making your own memories, please take a look around and thanks for visiting my blog!

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Hello to all my new and returning readers! I would like to let you know that my Juneberry Photo Website is currently undergoing a makeover! My glam squad is working really hard, its a big job transforming her, so please bare with me. ;) I am excited to launch a new streamlined look but in the meantime, please check back here on the blog for newest session stories and updates.

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"Vann like the Shoe" {Temecula Maternity Photographer}

I have a true love/hate relationship with Facebook ill admit! I don't like the drama, the addictive nature (that i totally fall into sometimes) and the spam! Yuck! On the other hand, I love love love the way it brings old friends and acquaintances together again! This was just the case for this maternity session. Through mutual friends I got an email from Sara, my summer camp counselor from high school! She is about to have her first child and is such a beautiful, glowing mama to be! I was so happy to hear from her! You might be asking at this point..."ok Jessie, explain the title of your post!" Since you asked (wink) I will answer! You see, Sara's maiden name is Vann and spelled like the brand of shoes so we used to call her "Sara Van like the shoe." Ok, not super exciting but there you go! I was so honored to catch up and document her pregnancy along with her champ of a husband, who followed me through pot-hole ridden dirt roads, trampled through gopher holes, and cat-tails, all in the name of art. We chose a location that is not much to look at during the day but at sunset, the dry brush and weeds take on a whole new beauty when they are splashed with sunlight. It was dreamy and I love their photos. What a beautiful couple and a wonderful day of catching up and making pictures! Congrats on your baby to be named later Sara! Can't wait to meet the little man when he arrives!

Love Renewed {Temecula Wedding Photographer}

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I had such a relaxing time with friends and family and people I love. Speaking of love, this is a special post all about 2 people. These two lovely people are the winners of my Couples Contest a few months ago. It took us a while to get all our schedules coordinated but I am so glad that we finally got it all going and I am so happy with the result of our shoot. When I ran this contest, I asked couples to send in an email with their love story telling me all about how they met and challenges they may have faced and overcome. I chose Amber and Gerico because their story just stood out to me. These two have been through long distances and trials but have such a strong bond. Spending time with them was like hanging out with old friends and you can see the love they have for eachother beyond the posing and the location we chose. Their affection shines through all the frills (although I love the frills!) and you just see them...laughing, smiling, and being themselves. It was such an honor to help re-create wedding day photos for them that they never got to have taken in the first place. A big thank you to The Humphrey's Estate in Temecula for providing the fabulous location! If you are looking for a wedding venue, please check them out! The location is breathtaking especially in person!

To read Amber and Gerico's love story in their own words, please read below....

"My name is Amber and i am happily married to my husband Gerico for almost 7 years in JULY... We met back in 2001 in Virginia Beach, Va. He was a cute sailor and i was just a young girl trying to get away from Ohio and get a fresh start. Gerico came into a billiard i was working at on my first night. He was sent to Virginia by accident for some military training. We say its fate. hehe, if you beleive in stuff like that. We started talking, hanging out and the time came too short. He had to then move back to Washington where his ship was to be stationed.. We had a long distance relationship for a bit. The phone calls and plane trips started to get old. On one of my visits i was on my way home. I didnt want to leave, not knowing he felt the same way. He flew me back the next day and i moved in with him. One month later he had to be deployed on a 6 month cruise to fight the war. Before he left he had proposed to me, telling me he didnt want to leave without me being his fiance..I was so happy, but again It was hard on me to say goodbye. i didnt have any friends, i was worried and watch the news contantly. I get a call saying the cruise got extended to a 10 month long cruise. I was devistated. We wrote letters, emails, phone calls and sent packages. It was the only way to stay strong. It was hard. He finally came home safe. About a year later, we found out we were pregnant with our first child. :o) Such a great feeling. We never had the chance to plan a big beautiful wedding. But i didnt have the insurance and healthcare i needed so we had a small little wedding. I was 8 months pregnant. Although we didnt have all our family or friends there, and knowing it wasnt my dream wedding. I was fine with it. I got to finally marry my best friend. If i never met Gerico that night, i could honestly say im not sure if i would be the person i am today. He made me change into a better person. I couldnt be happier for that. So, telling you my quick little story, i cant say we are the best people for the "job" but i could say that this would be something so amazing for us. Something we can look back at and remember all we had gone through to get to this part of our life. Lots of love, struggles, tears and happiness. Ill never get that big wedding, but maybe we could capture some great pictures, one's we've never gotten done before." - Amber


Summer Minis Part 1 {Murrieta Children's Photographer}

Summer is in full swing it seems! Warmer weather is welcomed in and we are loving the mini sessions that have been streaming in! Here is the first batch of minis featuring some adorable little ones. If you are still interested in booking a spot in our Summer Mini Session series, there are a few more spots left! For details please email! Thank you!

The Business of Friends...

When I started to jump into the photography business, I found that it is very different than the salon industry. In a salon, you work with a team of stylists and are surrounded by support (if you are in a good salon). When you are a photographer starting out , you can feel a bit more isolated. As a photographer you generally do not work with a team which can be great in the sense that you are your own boss, you have complete creative freedom and you run your business the way you want to. The down side is that I didnt have many friends in the "biz". No one to bounce ideas off of or share stories with, that is, until I met Leslie. Leslie is the creative mind behind Sweet Child of Mine Photography and I am so happy to call her my buddy! I met her through mutual friends on Facebook of all places and love her work. She is not only a great photographer but a kind soul as well. I am so glad that I now feel connected to her and several other local industry pros. I have learned that it is essential to have a good group of people surrounding you that will support you as an artist. My advice to any new photographers is to put yourself out there, meet people and learn from eachother. Don't be afraid to ask questions and be respectful of others. Being around amazing talents makes you strive to be better yourself so get inspired (but be yourself...not a copy artist). Thanks Leslie for being awesome! Here are some highlights from our fun bio pic photoshoot recently! :)  She is smokin hot! :)