photo by Leslie Houx

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"Vann like the Shoe" {Temecula Maternity Photographer}

I have a true love/hate relationship with Facebook ill admit! I don't like the drama, the addictive nature (that i totally fall into sometimes) and the spam! Yuck! On the other hand, I love love love the way it brings old friends and acquaintances together again! This was just the case for this maternity session. Through mutual friends I got an email from Sara, my summer camp counselor from high school! She is about to have her first child and is such a beautiful, glowing mama to be! I was so happy to hear from her! You might be asking at this point..."ok Jessie, explain the title of your post!" Since you asked (wink) I will answer! You see, Sara's maiden name is Vann and spelled like the brand of shoes so we used to call her "Sara Van like the shoe." Ok, not super exciting but there you go! I was so honored to catch up and document her pregnancy along with her champ of a husband, who followed me through pot-hole ridden dirt roads, trampled through gopher holes, and cat-tails, all in the name of art. We chose a location that is not much to look at during the day but at sunset, the dry brush and weeds take on a whole new beauty when they are splashed with sunlight. It was dreamy and I love their photos. What a beautiful couple and a wonderful day of catching up and making pictures! Congrats on your baby to be named later Sara! Can't wait to meet the little man when he arrives!


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