photo by Leslie Houx

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I have know Natasha (or Tosh to me) for a long time. We worked together at Shekinah salon when she had just graduated beauty school. For a while there, she was my assistant and helped me get around the salon while I was big and prego! The poor girl had to endure long days of getting my fast food, mixing my color, getting my heating pad, and washing my clients hair when my belly was to big to fit back by the shampoo bowls. Tosh has a super fun personality, laughs so hard at her own jokes that she can't seem to finish them, and tells great stories.She is a great girl and maybe the funniest person I know.

Tosh has since become a working stylist and works with me at Rylin Ashlee. We decided to take a jaunt down to San Diego and shoot some photos and generally goof off! You can not be serious around this girl for long...she will have you in stitches laughing in no time! I had so much fun and we saw some great weather before it started raining! Here are a few of the highlights. -Juneberry


Anonymous said...

aww thanks friend! i had a great time! and they are beautiful pictures!! :)

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