photo by Leslie Houx

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To My Rae Rae....

This one is for Elaina! If you follow my blog, you know I am doing little tributes to my wonderful daughters for making me a mother. Today its Elaina's ("Rae Rae") turn. We call her Rae Rae because her middle name is Rae....just in case you were curious. :) Elaina is our tiniest baby, she weighed in at 4lbs 9oz. at birth and for all intensive purposes you could say she is our "middle child". She is 2 minutes older than her sister and she acts the part. She is the mama of the group and loves to help pick up the toys in the playroom. She will pat you on the back if you are upset and she is a total daddy's girl! Another fun trait about Elaina is that she is super adventurous! She is the only one of my children who has managed to get out of her crib, she builds ladders out of kiddie chairs to try and pick the lock of the baby gate, and will walk right up to any animal and try to hug it. She is fearless and I love her dearly. Here's to you little "Rae Rae" ~love mom


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