photo by Leslie Houx

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Child's Play!

Another reason I love photography so much is that I get to document people just being themselves. I got to do alot of this when I shot/and attended Addy's birthday party recently at Child's Play in Temecula. What a great place for kids to go and run wild! This was a big learning experience for me as I tried to capture moments and emotions as kids were wizzing by me and jumping all over the place. Shooting an event is much different than doing a session. No one is posing, you work with whatever light you have and just shoot away as you see things happening. I got a small glimpse into what shooting a wedding would be like but on a much smaller basis. Heather asked me to photograph the party so she could focus on hostessing which I think is a brilliant idea! How many times have we hosted a party and are to busy mingling and taking care of guests to take photos? I am blessed with an amazing photographer for a father so I always know he will get some great shots at our parties but most people do not have that luxury...until now! I had so much fun at this event so if you have a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, etc please think about using me to document your event! Take the time to enjoy your party, we work to hard on these things to just let them zing by. :) One of my favorite moments was when Heather brought out a special cake for her husband (his birthday was just the day before). I love the suprised look on his face as she brought it out. Happy Birthday to both Addy and John! Thank you for allowing me to celebrate with you!

*The amazing cupcakes and custom cake were made by Mary Fay Thompson! They were perfect!


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