photo by Leslie Houx

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By Land and Sea...{San Diego Maternity Photographer}

Just call me "Ahab!" I am looking for a whale named Moby! Oh I am just a photographer with rad clients that take me to cool locations like Harbor Island! haha. I was so excited when this opportunity came my way! What? You want a nautical maternity session and I also get to shoot your hubby's restored Mustang? Awesome! So as I set off for this spectacular day, I made sure I was prepared. Camera-check! Lenses-check...boat shoes...mmm, I guess ballet flats will do...directions to location-check check! Well, I should have double checked the later because Yahoo Maps seemed to turn me around so I ended up in La Jolla! Ugg! Good thing I like to be 20 minutes early to every shoot! I finally get to the right spot and the day was looking up when I make a turn and see a sea of cars in front of me. Ugg again! It seems that one should research whether the 100th anniversary of Aviation is going on at the same time as your shoot! Well after counting to 10 and taking some deep breaths, I managed to find my lovely couple and get to the fun stuff! Whitney is awesome! She is creative and easy going with a fun spirit. I know she is going to be an amazing mom! Ian was a good sport and I think he kinda looks like the guy from "The Notebook" so he earned cool points for that! He also restored his once bright yellow mustang into a beauty of a car! I loved that they wanted some shot including the "Stang" because it meant something to them. I really encourage clients to incorporate something into their session that has special importance to them. Your photos will be that much more sentimental years down the road. I cannot wait to meet little Parker when he arrives! I see a nautical newborn in my future! hehe Congrats to Whitney and Ian...may you have an easy delivery and a healthy baby boy! :)

OH! And can you find my Yashica camera shot? I will be including one view from that vintage camera in every session just for fun! :)


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