photo by Leslie Houx

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Not Senior Citizens...{Temecula Senior Photographer}

I have always thought it was kind of silly to say "Senior Photos." I know that this is the proper term for this type of photography but I always think of cute little senior citizens posing with their letterman jackets. haha. So I think I will categorize this post as Grad Photos!

I love photographing high schoolers! They are fun, creative, aren't afraid to try new things and they are at such an exciting time in their life. I remember seeing the light at the end of the proverbial high school tunnel. All that hard work getting through tests, pop quizzes, and surviving the "mean girls" all pays off and you know their is a whole new world ahead of you. I looked forward to the day I graduated and ventured off into the unknown on my journey to become a grown up. I could be anyone I wanted to be and focus on what I really wanted in life. Don't get me wrong, as far as high school experiences go, I had a pretty great one but I was sooo ready to leave. Anyway, enough about me! Let me introduce Emily! She is funny, smart, creative, and has a great family. I admire her faith and the way she carries herself. She is awesome! Not to mention super duper pretty! We had fun running about Old Town, laughing and joking around. I had to endure some pesty on-lookers who thought throwing peanuts at me was hilarious ( and i mean Emily's mom and sister!). I have to give it to them though...they were a good shot...a peanut seemed to find its way right into my top! LOL! They had me laughing all day! I had so much fun hanging out with Emily and her crew and couldn't have asked for a better model!

If you are interested in fun, unique, and stylish "Grad photos" please don't hesitate to book! I want to showcase who you are and let your personality shine through your images. The possibilities are limitless...kinda like your future! (cheesy line but totally true!).


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