photo by Leslie Houx

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Christy's Boudoir

I am new to the whole Boudoir field...let's just start with that. I was a super shy teenager and I was very proud of how I could change in the girls locker room without showing an inch of my body! Needless to say, when I was approached by my dear friend Christy to shoot her boudoir photos, I was a bit nervous. She wanted to give her husband a special gift for his birthday and the idea really grew on me! When the day came to follow through, I was surprised how at ease I was. A mamosa in the morning will do that to you (*wink*). The shoot was so much fun and Christy made my job so simple. She is beautiful and a total pro! We even stole her hubby's motorcycle for a few shots. I give her major props for having a body like this after 3 KIDS!What a wonderful way to celebrate ones self image. I have a new love for this style of photography and think every woman should be so proud of who they are and the beauty that lies within all of us. These are some "PG" images from the shoot!

Oh! And one other little fact about me...I am also a licensed hair artist! Hair and makeup from this shoot was done my yours truly. To view my beauty site, please visit


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