photo by Leslie Houx

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Baby Liam {Murrieta Newborn Photographer}

Oh baby! What a joy it was to photograph little Liam this past week! At only 7 days old, he was allready a pro model. I love newborn babies. They are so innocent and peaceful and so happily un-aware of all the stresses in life. You really could look at newborns in two ways. First, they are terrifying- not in a horror film kind of way but in that they are so dependant on you. When I had my first child and they were releasing me from the hospital with her, I thought to myself...what? You are letting me go home with her un-supervised?? I felt uneasy and unsure that I would know what to do with her. But then comes the second way you can see a newborn. Newborns show you love in a way that you have never felt before. When they sqeeze their tiny hands around your finger, you realize that life is so much bigger than you are. I love the age my girls are at now- they are so much fun- but I miss the days when they would fall asleep on my chest as my husband and I sat and watched TV. I miss the little coos and noises they would make. So thank you Liam for allowing me to capture you in all your glory. I guess I will forgive you for peeing on my couch! lol ;) Congrats also to Julie, Josh, and big sister Ashley. May your life be full of new adventures! xo- Juneberry :)


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