photo by Leslie Houx

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Dodging Thistles and Running in the Street {Fallbrook Portrait Photographer}

I have been a big slacker with my blogging lately! If you've missed me then, God bless you, if you haven't been missing me- well- then I don't need to apologize. :) hehe. This session I am sharing with you is possibly one of my favorites so far and these are the reasons. First, I had the best model! Stephanie has been a client (in salon) of mine for years now and she has been my hair model for a couple shoots prior to this one. She is natural, beautiful, has the coolest dimples, and eyes that are mesmorizing! Second, I really love the soft feeling of this session. I love the beauty of her dress against the thorny thistles and brush. I love different, I love contrast and putting my subjects in places where they don't belong. I know alot of photographers shoot in similar locations but since I am new at this- I'm seeing with fresh eyes. Lastly, I think this is the one shoot that I didnt overthink. I like to plan and prep til my brain hurts sometimes and this was a bit spur of the moment. Don't get me wrong, I will always be a planner but I loved the freedom and randomness of the day. So thank you Stephanie for a great day !! Here are a few favorites!


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