photo by Leslie Houx

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Sweet Dreams and Tall Tall Trees..{San Diego Maternity Photographer}

From the moment you find out that you will be expecting a baby, most women begin to dream of what their child will be like. Will they be a boy or a girl? An athlete or mathematician? Creative or Technical? Kind or Cross? We all go through the wonderment and uncertainty of it all. I'd imagine it is this was for the lovely Caitlyn as well. She is a hairstylist and friend, and the wife to a military man who is currently serving in Afghanistan right this moment. I am so happy to say, he will be back in time for Caitlyn to give birth. I was so grateful that Caitlyn asked me to do this shoot because I had the perfect location! We took a trip to Balboa Park in San Diego and searched out a group of amazing fig trees that I have seen before in photos. These are the most incredible creations! The roots are brilliant in themselves and they create these beautiful and somewhat dark crevices. Once we started shooting I knew the images were going to be something totally different than my usual product. Besides the fact that Caitlyn is gorgeous, the surroundings were so dreamlike. I could have stayed there the entire session!

Such a cool day- thanks for letting me be a part of it! Congrats on your little girl and best wishes for a healthy delivery. I am so happy for you both and I am sure you can't wait for your hubby to get home. :)


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