photo by Leslie Houx

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Christmas in October

Attempt #2- "Decorating our mini tree"

Ava was so proud of her tree!

Elaina helped for about 2 seconds before rebelling

Attempt #1- Red Chair

Over the past month, I have taken quite a few photos for families so that they can share them as Christmas gifts or use them in cards to send to family. With all the rest of the sessions I have booked before Christmas, I thought to myself...hmm...when am I going to get OUR photos done?? Well I had the idea to get them done so that I can cross at least one thing off my list of "To-dos". As it seems, I am much better at taking photos of other families than my own! First attempt at getting my girls together for a quick photo-FAIL. Second attempt- FAIL! It just goes to show that it is not so easy to do a photoshoot with 3 little girls by yourself without some help. My husband and I will be devising a better plan and I think we will be victorious! haha! My biggest challenge is my beautiful baby Claire (you will notice, she is not in many of these photos). She never likes to take pictures in general and being the independant child she is, does not like to stay with the group. I have to chase her down and try to snap off a shot before she bolts off again. This was the case in both my attempts recently. I am hoping that with Adam helping to round them up, I will be able to focus on capturing even the most fleeting moment with them all together. So here's to hoping! Here are a few shots from my foiled photoshoots (with the exception of my Ava girl...she loves photos! ) :)


Natali said...

Beautiful pictures. The kids looks so happy and innocent.

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