photo by Leslie Houx

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The Morris Family {San Diego Family Photographer}

Next up on the blog is the fabulous Morris Family! Amanda contacted me about capturing some photos for her family before her hubby Evan shipped off for Afghanastan. I was honored to be able to help her preserve some memories before he left. I hope that these will serve as a little piece of him for Amanda when she needs some encouragement to get through Evan's deployment. We squeezed in a little baby shoot of their newest addition as well! The Morris' are a warm family and were so nice to work with. You can tell that Evan and Amanda have a special bond and work well together as partners and parents. I felt very welcome in their home and we found a beautiful space to start their session. Big sister's room had gorgeous light and I think we captured some sweet moments with little brother there! Later, we made a short drive to a local park to finish the family shots. The historical park had really cool buildings and beautiful grounds. We also encountered TONS of peacocks! (yes, i said peacocks!) They were wandering everywhere! I had a great time with this family and prayers and thoughts go out to Evan and family as he goes overseas...thank you for serving our country and protecting our familes.


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