photo by Leslie Houx

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Fun at a fruit stand {Murrieta Child Photographer}

I am so happy to share this session with everyone! Let me introduce little Noah to you all. He is adorable, happy, and full of smiles...what more could I ask for? 30 minutes was all it took to get the shots I really wanted because he was so easy to photograph. We hung around Plowboys and walked along Old Town Murrieta and just let him be his fun little self. I love photographing children because they always throw something un-expected my way. I usually have a plan on how I will get them to smile or maybe a prop that will be fun for them to play with but its always their imagination that sets the tone of the session and ultimately is a much better plan than I expected. I brought an apple for Noah to hold during a few shots and he decided that it would be more fun to throw the apple on the ground and have it tossed back to him. So we played catch and got some cute expressions out of him. I threw in a little reverse psychology as well saying..."Don't you throw that apple at me!" Of course, being a child, he did the exact opposite of what I said so that worked in my favor. I am so glad we got together in the morning because it rained that afternoon! It was just the right kinda day and the perfect little guy! Here are some of my favorites...


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