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Think Pink

As most of you know, October is breast cancer awareness month. I know this illness affects many women all over the world and this year I wanted to look deeper into the meaning of "awareness". As many of us do, I recognize that this is all around me yet I have never truly internalized it since I am not directly affected by breast cancer. How many of us do this very same thing? We read about it in the paper, watch news stories about health issues and poverty. We see the sick child on the commercial asking us to give out of our pockets for their cause. But how many times do we just say to ourselves, "oh how sad..glad that's not me" and then change the channel. Our busy lives get in the way of true empathy and we forget how deeply personal these issues are to some people. If you have ever had someone in your family who has fallen ill or has been taken from you due to cancer, you know how it consumes your life. Many may ask how a loving God could allow such bad things to happen to good people but let's look further. As I read a few stories of breast cancer survivors, I was touched by the strength and power these women had. Some of them even going as far to say they were blessed to have cancer because it made them stronger. I was blessed to hear that these women took their circumstance and used it to help empower others. It's encouraging to think that even in our most challenging situations, there is another side...the enlightened side. It's after the road blocks that we finally see our way. These women are heroes who fight illness and move forward to help make others aware of what life is all about. God's plan is bigger than us and He uses us our circumstances to better our future. So, how can we be more "aware"? It's more than wearing a ribbon, its caring enough to really dig deep and not take life for granted. I am no doctor or scientist and I don't have a cure but I would love to bless someone who has gone through breast cancer and come out the other side. If you know anyone who has inspired you and you want to nominate them for a FREE min-session to celebrate their beauty, please leave a comment below. Write about that person and tell me how they have touched you. It can be someone going through treatment now or a survivor. I want to hear their story. Let's support each other as woman and never loose hope!


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