photo by Leslie Houx

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A Birthday for 2....

photo by Michael Franklin

2 years ago today I was in the hospital recovering from a C-Section.... in my hospital bed with family all around me while my newborn twins were in the NICU. That was a bitter-sweet moment. My emotions ran all over the place wondering if they were doing allright. It seemed that everyone else had seen them except for me. I remember Adam coming into the room to show me photos of my girls and I just lost it. I was trying not to but I started weeping in front of my entire family. Claire was on a ventilator and Elaina was so tiny. Neither could eat on their own. They had tubes going into their noses and IV's in their tiny hands. That seems like it was forever ago though and now Elaina and Claire are bouncing baby girls turning into toddlers. I can't believe how time has gone by. Each of them is so unique and beautiful in their own special way and I couldn't be happier to have them in my life. I love to watch them grow into their own and at the same time, see how their twin connection is growing. They fight like sisters then give eachother hugs and kisses, they laugh at eachother in the car as if one of them just told a great joke...they are such a joy. I love you E & C! Happy 2nd birthday!!!


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