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I had a bad day....

Today I had "one of those days." You know, the kind of day that makes you want to scream into a pillow, poor a glass of wine, and take a nap in the middle of the day. The kind of day that makes you question what you are doing and why you do it. I'm not sure if anyone will be reading this, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure if anyone really follows these posts but I'm putting it out there anyway. I think when you have a day like mine, where everything seems to be going wrong, you find yourself digging deep into insecurities that have been berried for years and you (just for a second) want to wallow in your pity party. Then I remembered something that brings me back- out of that perpetual "E-ore" mentality and picks me up. I'm not alone. Everyone has bad days and probably worse days than mine. But they move on, they get over it and life still passes by. My girls may have been in the worst moods today and yea, a lady in the World Market parking lot punched my car (yes! with her fist!) but as I was pulling into the garage to get the kids out, this is what I saw....3 little heads smirking because they had put their sunglasses on by themselves. I grabbed my camera and snap! A 1/100th of a second is all it took to put a smile on my face. We all go through times where we think life will never give us our big break. We all fall short and stumble, but in the end, we have each other to lean on. I thank God everyday for my girls. He has given me a reminder through them that all that really matters in life is love. Love each other, be kind to each other and remember that today will pass and tomorrow is a new opportunity. Even in my worst of moods, the Lord shows me that I choose my reaction. Will you choose to roll down your window and scream at that lady who punched your car? Or will you choose to carry on and not let her bad day become yours. Something to think about.


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