photo by Leslie Houx

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A different view...{Murrieta Lifestyle Photography}

Today I had some fun shooting just for me. I had a little spark of creativity and needed to make something of it. So, I glanced down at the table and saw my vintage film camera (that I usually use as a prop) and remembered something from a past shoot. I recently was in front of the camera with my hubby and I brought along this old camera as a prop to use. As we were shooting, our photographer noticed how beautiful it was to look down into the view finder and see how that lens was "seeing" our surroundings. I instantly loved what I saw. The image was all of a sudden vintage, gritty, and "old-world-like." I asked her to see if she could take a photo of my husband and I but instead of pointing her camera at us, to shoot what that old viewfinder was seeing. I knew I'd need to re-visit this technique later on and today was just the day to try it.

As I glanced around to find something to photograph, I spotted my beautiful arrangement of ranunculus that a good friend (and talented florist) had sent me. So off I went creating! These photos take me to another time...when things were slower, the days were longer, and everyone had a porch swing and drank iced tea. I had so much fun with this that I am inspired to do a weekly blog post using my vintage camera. Each week I will take a photo similar to these and see what I can capture. I am hoping that by doing this, I will stop and notice the little things and make some fun photographs in the process. I also challenge you all to find something each week or ( for you over-achievers) each day that will remind you to slow down, breathe, and take in your beautiful surroundings. Maybe one day, we can remember that at one point in time, life was simpler, the ice tea was flowing, and fresh air was in abundant supply.


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