photo by Leslie Houx

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La Couture Amore {Children's Commercial Photographer}

"Te Amo" Couture? Well if you do, this post is just for you. La Couture Amore is making a name for herself in the children's editorial world and is headed for world domination! (I know Im super dramatic but its true!) . Stephanie, owner and creator behind LCA is one motivated, inspired lady and has loads of creativity up her sleeve. I got the chance to shoot an editorial piece for her that showcased a pixie, floral creation of great magnitude! There I go with the big words again! (*wink). So, back to the shoot! Once I opened my package and saw this halo of loveliness, I thought to myself, is this going to fit on a little 7 year olds head!? We are not used to big hair accessories in California so you can see how i'd be a little perplexed. I arrived at Rylin Ashlee Salon to meet up with the lovely little Chloe and her talented stylist mama (Jessica owns the salon). As Jessica did her magic, crimping and fluffing C's hair, I noticed that while this halo seemed heavy, it is actually very light! It went on like a dream and was easy to secure. We loved the result and the images really speak for themselves. Stephanie really captured the feel of a little woodland sprite frolicing in a meadow. I had so much fun bringing her vision to life and would love to do it again. Even the location was heavenly! Who knew that Fallbrook, CA would have such beauty nestled just west of the 15 freeway!

For some reason I am having issues linking LCA and Rylin Ashlee Salon so if you are interested in learning more about their services, please contact me and I will send info! Thank you!


becca said...

These are so beautiful and whimsical and the processing is just dreamy! Gorgeous stuff!!

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